Why Wasn’t COP26 A Zoom Call If They Really Cared About The Climate?

Since Covid is petering out, the Global Power brigade is falling back on the climate to scare people for money. I wonder how much longer the dupes are going to fall for this.

The hypocrisy drips from this conference. Janet Yellon want’s 100 trillion to stop the climate from what it would do without the 100 trillion. It is about control, just like Covid was.

We’ll see if the Virginia election was the canary in the coal mine or if the lemmings will keep going along with the lies.

One thought on “Why Wasn’t COP26 A Zoom Call If They Really Cared About The Climate?

  1. Amazing how many people fall for this. I get we must treat our mother earth with kindness but use your common sense . Trillions of dollars to do what? Why not use money to fix our borders, help the hungry and homeless, set up housing for our veterans? I guess that makes too much sense and we couldn’t be controlled. Here’s a thought, plant more trees! Or in my desert plant more ocotillos! Smile..


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