SWG Analyst Briefing, 1:1's

chris and steve 1 on 1.JPG

Steve Graham and Chris Wong was one of the 1:1 briefings I attended.  I started to notice a theme with the analysts on the subject of Software as a Service which dominated the 1:1’s I was at.  We need to define what the SaaS framework is going to be and have the competition design their work to fit into the framework. If we’re late, we have to fit into someone else’s. So we’ll either be the skeleton or the skin.
I promise that SaaS will be a big issue for us in the upcoming few months and we’ll have much to say.

For now, it was Chris jumping into the foray of IDR analyst briefings and he held his own.  My job just keeps getting better getting to work on this type of strategy planning and getting good execs to work with.

Author: John

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