I’m alright, don’t nobody worry ’bout me

Today’s music themed blog brought to you by Kenny Loggins is about the explosion that happened next to my house last night. Fortunately, we grabbed kids, dog, sleeping bags and high tailed it out of dodge (actually in a Dodge Truck).

The story says that 17,000 had to evacuate Apex, my hometown…and 4 of them included my family. Here’s what it looked like last night.
apex nc_plant_fire1.jpg

Here is a map of where the explosion took place. If you look just above ten-ten road and US 1, you’ll find hillsford lane, where I used to? live. so the net is it happend about a half a mile from my house. As I type this from another town, I have no idea whether my house is ok or when I can go home, but the net is my family and I are ok, thanks to my neighbor Perry who woke us up after midnight.

So I have very limited access to anything, in fact I’m blogging from an empty room right now where I’ll be for who knows how long.But I’m Alright……….

4 thoughts on “I’m alright, don’t nobody worry ’bout me

  1. […] On the moving front, our life is in 169 boxes of any shape and size. This doesn’t count furniture. So for the next 2 days, we’ll be camping, Sleeping on the floor like during the big apex explosion day 2 weeks ago. We have what little we packed and that’s it. Like traveling, we’re eating out every meal. Total life distruption. Just to add to the fun, a tire blew out on my wife’s car causing me to have to buy 4 new tires and 2 new wheels (it was a pothole) to the tune of more money than I needed to spend. Moving allows you to run through your savings like hot water on ice counting contractors, movers, other parasites that attract themselves to this adventure. […]


  2. […] There have been recent events that put Apex on the map like the explosion, and now it’s the blogger meetup that Nathan Gilliat has called. I have followed Social Computing closely and have even blogged about corporate issues like blogger relations and was connected to Nathan via James Governer. So that’s going from Apex to London, back to Apex to connect with someone in the business. […]


  3. Making news the weird way…

    I live in Apex, North Carolina, a small town that grew. We don’t make the local news all that often, but this week we made the national news again. Last time, it was the little explosion over at the toxic……


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