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Talk about getting the 3rd degree.

October 5, 2006

I’ve been hesitant to blog about this, but at the request of some others and in the spirit of transparency, here goes.


I finally got promoted to 3rd degree black belt in Karate last Friday night. It’s been a long struggle and I’ve learned so much about myself, my ability to exceed perceived limits, tenacity and of course martial arts.

While it was a tough test consisting of many Kata’s, weapons Kata’s, many self defense sets, line drill, sparring and teaching requirements, the best part about it was that my Mom, Sister and Brother-in-law took the time to come to the promotion. I usually only practice with other karate students and keep everything in the dojo (where it belongs), but I was able to share a side of me that they hadn’t seen before.


Finally, here is a break I did, just for fun.

From → family, karate

  1. congrats John, very cool.


  2. great job man. remind me not to get on your bad side… 😉


  3. thanks guys


  4. Hey John, looks like you’ve found a technique to bring Redmonk into submission. Ippon!


  5. Ippon, somebody knows Judo!!!!!


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