The Tour de France – about to start


Well, it’s finally here, the crowning of the next king of cycling.  The Tour de France start on July 1st, and fortunately for me, I have a DVR and can see it later on OLN tv…I just have to stay out of the blogs before I watch.  It’s always funny to hear Bob Roll mispronounce the Tour dee France…
It was easy the last 7 years, we pretty much knew who was going to wind up with the yellow jersey, it was just a matter of when he wanted it to happen.

So will it be Ivan Basso winner of the Giro d’Italia, Jan Ulrich – the last Tour winner before Lance, Floyd Landis?  Will it be Team Discovery, Phonak, Deutsch Telekom in the team championship?

The flat stages can be a bit boring, but the sprints at the end are good.  The team time trials are a ballet of coordination and aerodynamics.  The individual time trials are mano-o-mano, but the test of manhood is in the mountains.  Anyone who has ridden a bike uphill knows it’s tough, but do it for 6 hours against the best in the world?  The winner has a big set of stones.

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