Sametime is not sometime, rather all the time

Our WPLC (Lotus) announced Sametime 7.5 this week. I’ve been using it now for a while as a beta product. I use any number of instant messaging products depending on who it is and what they use. We at IBM use Sametime and up until now, instant messaging was IM to me, just another package to get work done. This announcement has the ability to change the direction of what IM is and how software can work together.
The fact that it is integrated into Microsoft applications, blackberry, Motorola Q and any Eclipse oriented environment changes things now. It just closed the world a bit for me. I’ve always wanted a one size fits all device and software that actually talked to each other. I view this as now headed in the right direction. We’ve even announced upcoming support for OSX Mac users. Don’t get me wrong that any one product should be a panacea, because I firmly believe that competition drives up quality and drives down price, but the point is to have things work together seamlessly.
Not trying to be a commercial here, but the audio and Video support brings in a whole new list of things to do on a device or through an IBM platform. Not that I think email is going away, but we are a society who wants things faster and better and Sametime 7.5 is a step in that staircase.

Note: Earlier this year, IBM announced that Sametime is connected to AOL, Yahoo and Google…I think most have heard of these companies.

Other Note: Good Technology also introduced a service for Domino users to remotely check email on any number of devices. Partners supporting your products and platforms are important factors for success (note to the micro channel marketing department there).
So more things appear to be working together, a good thing and maybe proof that our strategy for open standards is working. I find it interesting that IBM is reaching out into the Microsoft space to work with their software. I don’t think it’s as much an olive branch as it is a proof of what we are trying to do to get software to work together. It will be interesting to watch whether Microsoft closes the kimono more or opens up to us.

I can’t believe I’m the only one out here that wants to have things work together without getting a computer science degree first.

The executives call this Sam Time as Palmisano uses it to constantly stay on the ass of his direct reports.  The best feature is DND which keeps people from bothering you and gives the appearance that you are there or in a meeting.  Unfortunately, it is now used as a babysitter to see if you are working or not.  Instead of a tool, you have to have it on so management can monitor you like a child, rather than trusting you to do your job.

2 thoughts on “Sametime is not sometime, rather all the time

  1. “…but the point is to have things work together seamlessly.”

    That’s the reason I end up spending most of day using Notes. Everything is integrated in a way that no other product is currently capable of. Really looking forward to Hannover and being able to leverage the Eclipse ecosystem in my Notes environment. Productivity editors won’t hurt either – no need to use Office anymore.

    IBM is on a roll and on the right path with their integrate with anyone model. It’s the sign of a mature, confident company and one with a vision.

    The fact IBM keep delivering just cements the vision is *real* and not a bunch of vapourware announcements to freeze the competition. Which in part also explains the increase and resurgance of 3rd party support around IBM technologies. The message is getting thru to 3rd parties that IBM actually delivers and Microsoft doesn’t – the Eclipse ecosystem will only accelerate this trend of 3rd-part support.

    As an example on IBM delivering and Microsoft not delivering – you have 3 major releases of Notes across many many platforms and 1 release of Exchange on a single platform. And Exchange is also just a simple mail system and a tiny subset of functionality in comparison to the sophistication and capabilities of Notes. And of course there is no seamless experience to be had with Exchange.


  2. Stephen, Thanks for those comments. I believe the momentum we’ve had in the Lotus brand for the last 18 months is directly a result of the recognition that people like you have given to the technology and roadmap Lotus/IBM is providing. It’s much appreciated to hear some positive recognition of that…. so thanks!


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