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119 people died, and not one killed by Jack Bauer…

May 16, 2006

….on last night’s episode. 107 on a Russian went down to centox nerve gas (a hidden container not previously accounted for), one American officer on the same sub and 12 special forces agents.

Kill Counter

Next week is the 2 hour finale, and since the bad guys have 12 multiple warhead missles and are terrorists, Jack will have to save the world from wmd’s and terrorism in 120 minutes….

I’m betting on Jack. JUST DO IT….

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  1. Colleen permalink

    But you fail to mention what could, would or should happen to agent Pearce – probably one of the most interesting side plots going! And what will the First Lady do? If Martha would’ve gone straight to the police, none of this would’ve ever happened 😉


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