More of my iPod adventures – I need Podcast Alley help

I can’t leave well enough alone. iTunes is manageable enough for me to deal with most of my iPod issues. I’m going to quickly dismiss the music issue as everyone has their favorite way of getting music, or in the case of some of those younger than me, stealing it which to me is wrong, but each to their own.

Podcasting is another issue. Back to the kids, iTunes is one way to get podcasts which I’ve done, but in my listening so far (I have 243 in queue right now), I’ve been directed to podcast alley. The kids say that is “what the cool kids do”. So I went there to check it out and found that this is in fact the truth. I found tons of stuff I can’t wait to listen to, if I could get it to my iPod.

So I went to Sourceforge and downloaded Genesis 7 as a player and I can listen to what I want to as long as it’s on my pc, but of course that’s not good enough for me, I want it on my iPod. So I now have to find an iTunes substitute to load content on my video iPod. Off to iPod Software iLounge and didn’t find the freeware I was looking for, so it looks like analog explorer for $25 is my leading contender.

So I’m hoping that someone has a good suggestion for moving podcasts – both audio and video to my iPod for my new podcasts or from podcast alley.

One thought on “More of my iPod adventures – I need Podcast Alley help

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