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The Dynamics of Working at a Home office

February 11, 2006

A few years back, there was a request from management stating a lack of office space, requesting volunteers to transfer to working from home. I had my hand in the air like Arnold Horschack from Welcome Back Kotter was standing first in line.

Not that working at home is a big issue, rather it’s the discussions I have with others on their views of the subject. It invariably is the same conversation centering around whether they could do it or not and why. These subjects tell me two things immediately. Whether they are extroverts or introverts, and what are their pet sins.

Extroverts (as expected) speak up first with pretty much the same thought. I have to be around other people. It is caged in different words like, I need to have chit-chat, I want to know the office gossip, I get ideas from others or the general I need to be with my team. I will admit there are times that you can have hall meetings to get something done informally that is effective.

The introverts say I can get my job done better without the distractions and I contact the others with email, vmail, IM and phone enough to get my job done. Those that know me know that I’m absolutely the last person to ask if you want to know office gossip, most of it goes past me for reasons ranging from I don’t notice some things (one co -worker dyed her hair blonde 3 weeks before I noticed) to I really just don’t care what they did at the mall over the weekend. They also say I don’t miss the commute or the traffic (me here).

I’ve run it to both types who are very effective at their jobs and those who are lumps like Walley over there. I hear two things about working at home, I can’t leave my work alone and wind up working more because I’m at home and can’t leave it alone or……….

I couldn’t work at home because of my pet SIN!!!!!!!

The most common sins are:

  1. I’d eat too much
  2. I’d watch too much TV
  3. I’d do housework
  4. My kids keep me from working (small kids, before they go to school, then you have to look for another excuse)
  5. I’d be a slob and never leave my pajama’s (I haven’t figured out the problem here)

So here’s the bottom line. You have to work at home like it was your office (except the chit-chat). You need to be disciplined, organized, dedicated and work like your boss is watching over you. We’re grown up’s here that have a job to do and a sense of responsibility to get it done.

You should be able to contact me and not know whether I’m in a cube, big corner office or at home in my sweats. As Larry the cable guy would tell you, Git-R-done.

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  1. Teressa Jimenez permalink

    As you know I work at home – I have worked at home for over 5 years now. I am always game for chit chat – those that think they need to be in an office are missing it…and when I need some peace and quite no problem. I get to control the enviornment. Yes, you have to be discplined, which frankly is not that hard. Hey, if you don’t do the job you won’t have one for long. But working from home brings an old fashioned civility – both my husband and I work from home just like farmers 150 years ago – melding work and home together. It really works for not only me but the entire family. Teressa


  2. Lol. I love the 5 sins you have listed! Yeah, it’s tough, isn’t it? Lol. I sometimes work in my PJs and can be a slob too, but honey when that paycheck arrives … wooo hooo! It’s all worth it.

    I work at home as a medical transcriptionist. I work 6 hours a day and make about $120 per day. No, I aint rich, but I aint hurting either. It sure as heck beats doing 9-5pm in a business suit cow towing to some ego-driven supervisor salivating at making top level management. Yuck!

    I don’t think it’s possible to go back to working outside the home for me. I’m a prima dona now. I just can’t have someone telling what to do and how to do it ever again! Plus, now I’m accoustomed to working in my PJs. Heck, I even go out to Walmart in em now… well, it IS winter and I do use a big overcoat.. anyway…..


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