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Cheeburger, Cheeburger, Pepsi, Chips

November 8, 2005

This weekend marked the opening of a new restaurant near us – Cheeburger, Cheeburger…just like from the Saturday Night Live skit.

Cheeburger review in the Paper

More information and menu found here:

My daughter works for the investement company Silverdeer Investments that is opening 22 of these restaurants in the area. Our whole family and a friend was there, as was the mayor of Apex, Keith Weatherly for the pre-opening event.

It was great food, good fun and looks like it will be a big hit in the area.

I’ll have a cheeburger, chips, pepsi….no coke

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  1. hey man – what can you do to help get IBM folks commenting on monkchips.

    i mean the SFO blog, or any number of others. its so dull not getting any feedback from ibm.

    you know having a blog strategy doesnt just mean broadcasting IBM thoughts. it also means interfacing with others.

    look at your pure blue blogrolls and so on.

    where are the commenters? monkchips needs you!


  2. No Pepsi — Coke


  3. point taken james


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