This blog contains my opinions and observations from a point of view not contaminated by social media, the mainstream media or what they want you to believe. Stay here long enough and you’ll probably be offended by the sarcasm or politically incorrect truth that is here.

Go to about me to see the industry leaders and companies I’ve had to deal with.  I’ve been in 1 person and 400,000 person companies.  I’ve sat with billionaires, entrepreneurs and those who are bankrupt.  Being a spectator gives one a unique perspective which is my writing style.  I write about what I observe.

I am an observer of trends and see patterns.  Of the few talents I possess, I can put together random facts combined with history and human behavior to predict outcomes, usually well in advance of them happening.  Check the timing of many of my posts and it is ahead of most sources for deciphering the truth.  This foresight has opened the doors of opportunity in life that others missed.  I walked through them and never looked back in life, my career and with people who are in and out of my life now.

While I can blog about intelligence, introverts, investing, politics or how to, one of my favorite things is humor which I sprinkle in sometimes blatantly and sometimes subtly…..look for it.

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