About Me

I’ve worked in the IT industry for over 30 years in almost every position you could imagine from being a company president, owner and peon.  I am not afraid to say what needs to be said on behalf of those who are under represented.  I am happy to point out the what and when the talking heads and leaders of nations and companies haven’t learned from history.

I promise a full dose of sarcasm whenever appropriate.  Count on me not being either woke or politically correct.

I’ve discussed company strategy and direction with the head of Google, 2 CEO’s of IBM and many other tech leaders.  I’ve done booth duty with Bill Gates.   I’ve had deep conversations with survivors of Auschwitz so I’ve been around.  I’ve witnessed the heights and depths of humans and leaders and am likely to talk about them.

I can frequently go off target of my mission and am likely to blog about anything, but that is why it is my blog.  You’ll likely find something sooner or later that you will agree with or be offended by, count on it.

I’m now an observer of introversion, intelligence and human nature, and compare it to what I’ve learned in life.  I You’ll see it in the more recent posts.  Go to About to see more of what I write.

One thought on “About Me

  1. I recently left a message on your blog “Delusions of Adequacy”. I must confess that, at the time I wrote this, I have had a few too many beers, but I must also add that everything I wrote was actually true. I now feel that I may have given a bit too much information for my own good. So, now the only possible way I can think off for correcting this error is to ask you if it would be somehow possible to change the user name that appears on this message from “richard.lemyre…” to “claudbase” (which I normally use to remain anonymous…). Thank for your understanding and consideration.



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