List of Pfizer Hidden Vaccine Injuries

Yes, they lied to us about the jab. They lied about the injuries. They didn’t tell us that half of the babied terminated for pregnant women in the study. It causes more injuries than it helps.

You decide if Pfizer should be held accountable. They were granted immunity from legal recourse as their jab was allowed for 2+years (and counting) on emergency status.

From Holding the line with Dr Funtimes

**warning, you will have to unzip this file to see the data I have screenshot.  I did not have a way to share the PDF it unzips and downloads into.  But this is the link for the screenshot data in this post.


This portion shows the adverse events through April 15th, 2022.  Over 4.5 MILLION adverse events among more than 1.3 MILLION people.  Look at how many occurred in women?!  280 of them were in infants age 0-27 days.  That is not even a group that can get vaccinated!  AT ALL.  Maternal transfer via breast milk or in-utero?

37,491 adverse events in kids between 12-17?!?!  And remember…..this is PFIZER ONLY.  NO MODERNA NUMBERS.


Here are the primary countries of concern where the highest number of adverse events occurred.  The top 5 are the UK, Germany, Japan, USA, and Netherlands.


This one makes me sick.  Special populations.  17,000+ adverse events in PREGNANT AND BREASTFEEDING WOMEN.  I will never ever stop saying that we had ZERO BUSINESS vaccinating pregnant or breastfeeding women.  EVER.  More than 45,000 pediatric adverse events?!?!  189,000+ elderly adverse events?  These numbers are ATROCIOUS.


There are pages and pages and PAGES of what the adverse events were.  I am just looking at the top ones.  Dizziness.  Short of breath (dyspnea).  Parasthesias, rash, CHEST PAIN.  Notice that super fun one….HEAVY MENSTRUAL BLEEDING.  27,685 women reported this.  Researchers started mentioning menstrual irregularities in spring 2021 and they got booted from Twitter for mentioning it.  Yet here it is.  IN THE PFIZER PAPERWORK.


Oh and here is more.  Over 20 THOUSAND people reported palpitations and tachycardia, 18,000+ reported chest discomfort.  And whadda ya know…more menstrual problems!  Another 22,000+ with menstrual disorder, (no idea what that is classified as) but we see irregular menstruation here as well with over 15,000 people reporting it.  Notice the Herpes Zoster?  That my friends is shingles.  (What I suspect may be a lot of monkey pox cases right now…..shingles outbreaks not monkey pox, but I cannot confirm that).  Why did the Pfizer vaccine cause people to have a shingles outbreak?!?!?  I would like to know the ages of people having shingles outbreaks.   If these menstrual disorder cases are unique separate people, then that total is up over 65,000 reports as a whole at this point.

Moving on.


Over 14,000 with ear ringing tinnitus.  Oh and lookie there.  More menstrual issues.  Delayed periods, painful periods, breakthrough bleeding between periods, having NO period……47,000 cases reported here.  Add that to the 65K cases above and were over 100k women reporting menstrual issues after a Pfizer injection.   Look at the nervous system and cardiac issues.  Syncope, vertigo, tremor, presyncope.  11,000+myocarditis cases?  9,000+ pericarditis cases??  Almost 8,000 cases of arrhythmias?


Look at the cases of anaphylaxis?! And pulmonary embolism?!  Over 10,000 issues reported with injection exposure during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


More menstrual and bleeding issues.  Vaginal hemorrhage… has to wonder if that is spontaneous miscarriage……3,000+ with Bell’s palsy, 4200+ had a seizure, and another 8800+ experienced a DVT or other kind of blood clot (thrombosis). 4100+ had a stroke.

There are another 100+ pages of side effects reported.  These are just the highlights on the first 3 pages.  WHY IS THIS INJECTION STILL BEING GIVEN?!?!?!?!  This is significantly criminal at this point.  This injection needs to be pulled off the EUA market NOW.


One thought on “List of Pfizer Hidden Vaccine Injuries

  1. Nothing will ever happen to these people. Democrats and republicans both don’t really give a crap. So, unless someone takes matters into their own hands and does a short rope tall tree type of event, no accountability will ever occur.


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