One thought on “I’d Like To Know The Answer Also, Just Asking For A Conspiracy Theorist

  1. The Filth and Evil behind this cov-19 agenda is as low as people can get.
    mRNA jabs were all banned before Operation Warp Speed was signed into Law
    Either Trump is one evil Serial or he was given some very biased intel from his staff?
    Pfizer’s first report exposed by a FIOA confirms the covid jabs are lethal.
    Yet those in authority do zip. If the world feels sick about the WW2 Holocaust then I’m clueless to what the world is going to feel when this whole Covid Agenda is Exposed.
    Generally when babies and kids are harmed the Gloves come off.
    I have a feeling blood will flow once millions of kids start showing signs of damage and begin dying in vast numbers. Where I live guns are very controlled. But the US with 400M weapons is another story. The FDA and CDC will not exist once the truth is fully exposed. Fauci will have to flee the US if he chooses to live on.
    The MSM can block the truth for as long as they like, but they also are digging their own graves. Even the Tea lady at Auschwitz was hanged!!


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