An Introvert Dilemma

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out of my way, taking the stairs instead of elevators, waited for people to pass or leave and any number of tactics to avoid people.

I’ve done it since I was a kid, when I didn’t know I was doing it. Now, we don’t answer the phone and text back with one word, if you have to.

One thought on “An Introvert Dilemma

  1. People close doors for several reasons. One major reason is fear of judgement.
    When we are born we are all clueless to what we are being born into.
    We know zero rules, zero ethics, zero standards, we are just who we are.
    Over time we are all conditioned into ‘The Community”
    Each culture has their own spin on things. Our once clean slates are soon filled with customs and beliefs that surround us. Thus we are ‘Programmed”
    I recently ”Unprogrammed” myself via the aid of free will and truth.
    Free will and truth is toxic to customs and the belief systems, the conformity world.
    Thus in avoiding harm thru endless pointless conversations I made an exit.
    I have become a tramp steamer among an Ocean of Ports
    I choose my beliefs, I choose my direction in life without public policy or mandates.
    Covid has shown me 100% proof of what this world is made of – sheep.
    All fall in line.All obey or suffer. All comply or no jobs. Soon to be and no food.
    The Road least travelled is the road that presents another field of visions.
    Billions will live and die and never have their questions answered, who are we?
    Only the Person that made us can answer that question, and that answer can only come from Him. Life is not a Darwin chance in 50B or what ever that number is.
    It’s 100% creation. A level few people will ever realize in this era.
    I have just about seen it all. Wealth, pain, suffering, family, ill health, misery, poverty, friendships lost thru deaths. The ‘world’ is not out there, it’s within. The Brain is a far bigger Universe than the visible one. Check it out some day?


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