The Tragedy That Is Greta Thuneberg

If you read this from time to time, sooner or later you get around to the facts I present on Climate/Global Warming and what is really behind it. If it offends you, either present me with facts how it is true (I’ll start with the movie Inconvenient (bunch of lies) Truth, or go away.

For most it is about money and control (kind of like Covid). I think Greta has been brainwashed and is being used by those who pull the strings. Knowing what I know about the autism spectrum, it is easy to do and is tragic that they’ve used her like this. They gave her a taste of fame and social media likes as a trade and there is no going back for her now.

Nevertheless, it provides me with meme material, so here it is.

This explains everything. It’s always a new scare or a threat that the world is going to end. It never does, nor do any of the predictions come through.

One thought on “The Tragedy That Is Greta Thuneberg

  1. The world is full of dreams schemes and fairy tales.
    From birth most kids in the west are exposed to 1000’s of useless myths.
    Tooth fairies, Santa, elfs, talking Disney animals. This is all planned.
    The Logic framework in kids is dismantled so making it easier for ‘World Agenda’ to slip in a few ‘Fruits’ of their own.
    Humans transit from tame harmless fibs to real life lies without even spotting it.
    There is an Outfit behind all this worthless rubbish.
    They have spent 1000’s of years working on various fables that have now become traditions in almost every Nation. The real truth is hidden. The real truth would send this materialistic world back to the land where it all began.
    Now a small select group of Merchants control 99.9% of the world.
    They hate crude everything stops. They halt crops, millions starve.
    The world of today is 100% an illusion, a total Matrix.
    Buy some land. Plant a veggie patch. Get some chooks. Rabbits. Sink a bore.
    Install a off grid PV system. Learn home skills. Practical skills pay bills.
    Don’t get sucked into buying new. Buy only what you can afford cash.
    Well maintained 2nd hand cars will last many years. A new car is a 33% money trashing move. Plant lots of trees. Trees are stored energy. Free energy. No more energy bills.
    Some land, some space will renew your being. Switch off the tube. Call a friend.
    The Boxed life that most people live these days is totally unnatural.
    Breath in fresh country air with a hint of fresh dung, not exhaust fumes.
    Reignite the pleasures of a real winters fire – all 100% natural.
    Life is very short. Make the changes while you still can.


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