Fashion, From the Same People Who Thought A Man Bun Looked Good

My daughter had a simple nose piercing before she joined the real world. One day while teaching Sunday School, one of the toddlers asked her why she had a booger on her nose (it was a small diamond). Kids tell the truth. It didn’t look good, but what can a Dad tell a teenage daughter? You guessed it, nothing.

I talked to Doctors who told me this is a petri dish for bacteria. What happens in allergy season when your nose is constantly running? It is disgusting to think about.

Finally, I’m not in the dating pool. If I was, this would be on the list of red flags that would tip me off to not everything is going well upstairs. I don’t care what others do to their bodies as long as it doesn’t affect me. It doesn’t mean that I think it looks good or makes anyone more appealing. That affects me.

I try to protect myself from crazy people. Piercing your nose doesn’t make you crazy. It does give a hint that maybe not everything is working well in the decision part of the brain though.

Caveat: I have readers from countries that this is a tradition and perhaps a religious symbol. I get that it is a part of your life. However, are they are getting it done because they have to or are supposed to. I wonder who would do it if the mental pressure to do so wasn’t there?

I still ask myself how does one think that makes them look better? I move along and say nothing, but so far it hasn’t improved anyone’s appearance that I can tell.

Remember belly button piercings? No one is running out to get those anymore either.

Whatever blows wind up your skirt, Oink.

2 thoughts on “Fashion, From the Same People Who Thought A Man Bun Looked Good

    • Wow, you just won the dumbest comment ever posted on my blog. I started with I have a daughter and you accuse me of being a virgin? I won’t mention my other kids, but have blogged about them also. Joke’s on you. Let me ask, how did you ever pass any of your classes, at least those you attended? I guess not that well since I was guessing you didn’t read past the first part, but I put her in the first part. You don’t even get partial credit. How did you make it in life with a double digit IQ? Go read Euphemisms for Stupid. It’s the number one read post on my blog and your name is in every sentence.

      The biggest miss is that my whole blog is mostly sarcasm, introverts or IQ. All of it is for those with a mind advanced enough to realize it. Wow, just wow. Congratulations on being the winner.


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