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The official words to Louie Louie

August 12, 2016

From time to time, from fraternity parties to listening in the car, most have thought about what the real words to this song are, for at least seconds or until something equally insignificant diverts our attention…….

“Louie Louie, me gotta go. Louie Louie, me gotta go. A fine little girl, she wait for me. Me catch the ship across the sea. I sailed the ship all alone. I never think I’ll make it home. Louie Louie, me gotta go . Three nights and days we sailed the sea. Me think of girl constantly. On the ship, I dream she there. I smell the rose in her hair. Louie Louie, me gotta go. Me see Jamaican moon above. It won’t be long me see me love. Me take her in my arms and then I tell her I never leave again. Louie Louie, me gotta go.” (By Richard Berry. Copyright 1957-1963 by Limax Music Inc.)

From → humor

  1. Ludovic permalink

    Do you know this version?

    Iggy Pop: Louie Louie (on American Caesar)

  2. No, I was thinking of the original when I posted this….because when you ask anyone what the real words are…you can’t get the right answer. if they even know some of them

  3. Any chance you could score us the words for the “Batman” theme song from the original TV show?


  4. nanna nanna naana naana nanna naana naana naana, Batman, repeat

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