C.S.S. John Simonds Was a Confederate Ship

USS John Simonds

I have half of my relatives on one side of the Civil War and half on the other.  I have equal respect for both.

I searched my name and was surprised to find a ship with my name.  It fell on the Confederate side of my family.

John Simonds, a 1024-ton side-wheel river steamer, was built at Freedom, Pennsylvania, in 1852. The Confederate Army used her as a support ship on the Mississippi River, where she was sunk off the fortress at Island Number Ten on 7 April 1862.  It was sunk to prevent it from being used by the Union forces.

You should search yourself to see what is in your background.

3 thoughts on “C.S.S. John Simonds Was a Confederate Ship

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  2. N Sylvan

    Curious to know what you found about the ship – as I have reason to believe my ancestor was its pilot, and a great deal of curiosity about what he was doing between 1850-1869 (the records are a bit sparse). Book? Link? Do drop me a line.


    1. dick4sanchez

      I googled myself for protection purposes and found it by accident. I was also content free that day so it worked for a post when I needed it. I wish I could be more creative than that, but there you have the truth.


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