It’s My Birthday, Elvis Day and Madonna also

Not that I care anymore, but one thing that eats at me is that I have to be reminded of Madonna who shares the same birthday.

Also, the Giffords (Kathy and Frank) were born this day.

But the most famous thing is that Elvis died this day in 1977, on the toilet

Here’s a throwback to 1986 – Core Introduces New PC   where I was a spokesman for the company…..

Here is a quote that notes I’ll vanquish my foes:

From the cradle to the grave, fighting, rightly understood, is the business, the real, highest, honestest business, of every son of man. Every one who is worth his salt has his enemies, who must be beaten, be they evil thoughts and habits in himself or spiritual wickedness in high places, or Muslim terrorists, or Border-ruffians, or Bill, Tom, or Harry, who will not let him live his life in quiet till he has thrashed them.

2 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday, Elvis Day and Madonna also

  1. Happy birthday and best wishes for many more years of your inspired blogging…You don’t have to agree with, or be related to, the author of Delusions of Adequacy to read his work with interest. Aloha, John E. Simonds/Honolulu.


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