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It’s Not Easy Being Green

January 26, 2010

I took on a stretch assignment for Green IT at IBM this year.   I’m hoping it’s because they think I can do the job.  I have a lot ahead of me, thus the title of this blog.  The hardest thing is that I know that IBM doesn’t really believe in it, rather there is a small faction that is trying to exist and it is almost 100% hype for corporate responsibility rather than any actual product or offering.

During the Major Analyst Conference we did in November, I had to get all the Smarter Planet materials, most of which included sustainability or green IT.  It turns out to be a bunch of nonsense that is made up to try to fool the press and analysts into thinking IBM actually does something.

The net of it is that IBM is trying to be in the game and is a pseudo player.  We are about to have an Eco Jam with the top contributors to the subject matter.

The results will be posted in the Economist and the Institute for Business Value.

Too bad it is all a farce and IBM’s offering is hogwash.

PS – my favorite subject is Bio Diesel from algae….


The world is
FLATTER.  That is right, the real flat earther’s are the one’s who buy into this farce of “sustainability” like Greenmonk who is sucking around for money and the dissembler Tim O’Reilly who couldn’t defend global warming with anything other than it is “hard” and condemning those who don’t believe in it wrong without any proof of his position.


I got out of this assignment because I couldn’t lie for the company.  Both the premise of Sustainability, climate change based on predictive models that aren’t true and the fact that IBM doesn’t really do anything was too much for me to take and claim any sense of honesty.

I left the position right before the green conference where Al Gore was the speaker.  It was the second time in my IBM career that I made a conscious decision to avoid him so as to not listen to his spew about global warming, nor be disappointed in humanity by seeing so many people being fooled by this scam based on redistribution of money to the climate gore Horses-Ass-Award

So having to lie to defend Climate anything is hard to be green.

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