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It’s Not Easy Being Green, Or getting the evidence of Global Warming – My Short Tenure at IBM in Sustainability

January 26, 2010

I was given a stretch assignment for Green IT at IBM this year.   A stretch assignment means another job without the pay, or layoffs and a person has to do the work of 2, or the powers that be don’t feel like you have enough to do. In this case it’s mostly the second one, but they know I can deliver so they dump stuff on me frequently

I have a lot ahead of me, thus the title of this blog post.  The hardest thing is that I know that IBM doesn’t really believe in it, rather there is a small faction that is trying to exist and it is almost 100% hype for corporate responsibility and image rather than any actual product or offering.  I really wasn’t given a choice whether I wanted to do it and I certainly will do my job, but as you can see in the story below, it’s hard to do a job when it’s based on bullshit.  I know that I see through it so that will be the toughest part of this job.

During the Major Analyst Conference we did in November, I had to get all the Smarter Planet materials, most of which included green IT.  It turns out to be a bunch of nonsense that is made up to try to fool the press and analysts into thinking IBM actually does something in the Green space.

It all started out with trying to be politically correct about global warming, since IBM really isn’t and has the carbon footprint of China.  Since everyone started shying away from the words “global warming” once the world saw through that as a lie and ineffective, they renamed it Sustainability.  That means you wrap up all the things that tangentially have something to do with being sustainable, since it is a nebulous name and concept and voila, you claim sustainablity.

Once the word sustainability gets found out as big of a  fraud as globla warming and money grabbing hoax, you call it Smarter Planet or roll it up into that campaign and somehow you are politically correct, even if you aren’t really doing anything diffferent.  We had to sell this crock to the press and analysts who wanted so badly to be able to charge us for the exchage of buying our baloney of offering something in this space that resembled eco-friendliness.  They were compliant in our scam as long as there was money.

The worst thing is having to deal with the idiots out there who buy into this nonsense like Tom Raftery of Greenmonk and James Governor of Redmonk and Greenmonk.  Our executives in a briefing after the analyst conference actually called James a wanker and Tom a whiner after the event due to their outbursts and views.  Greenmonk has gone dormant for lack of money, facts and believable content on climate, in addition to wanting to impose a carbon tax.  James told me he wanted to make money trying to save the planet, making money being the operative words.

The net of it is that IBM is trying to be in the game but is a pseudo player.

Too bad it is all a farce and IBM’s offering is hogwash.


The world is
FLATTER.  That is right, the real flat earther’s are the one’s who buy into this farce of “sustainability” like Greenmonk who is sucking around for money and the dissembler Tim O’Reilly who couldn’t defend global warming with anything other than climate science is “hard”, while condemning those who don’t believe in it wrong without any proof of his position.  I could be convinced of global warming if there was one little thing called evidence.

As it turns out, I had tweeted in response to Tim’s crisis about the rising tides that I didn’t believe him, but would accept his facts if he had any.  Like all good climate warriors, he made ad hominem attacks on me and in a more harmless statement, said that I got all my information from Fox News (I don’t watch any news as my career with the media already told me that it was biased).

As it turns out, the tides are receding Tim and I have evidence. The waters on the island of Tuvalu are receding.  This is one of the crisis places of the world that was supposed to be drowned along with the Statue of Liberty.  So Tim, your views are biased and calling people flat earthers because they don’t sign up for the pseudo science you have bought into is ridiculous, like your views.


I got out of this assignment because I couldn’t lie for the company, nor lie to myself by doing something I didn’t believe in and realized was a lie.  Both the premise of Sustainability, climate change based on predictive models that aren’t true and the fact that IBM doesn’t really do anything was too much for me to take, and claim any sense of honesty.

I left the position right before the green conference where Al Gore was the speaker.  It was the second time in my IBM career that I made a conscious decision to avoid him so as to not listen to his spew about global warming, nor be disappointed in humanity by seeing so many people being fooled by this scam based on redistribution of money to the climate warriors.

I told James that it was good that he wasn’t president on 9/11/2001 as he couldn’t lead a lottery winner to the bank, let alone a nation.  He, like Biden and Cheney were impeachment gore Horses-Ass-Award

So having to lie to defend Climate anything, especially at IBM when I learned the facts makes it hard to be green.  I’ve moved on to something I can be honest about.

The position went away as “under the guise of everything is sustainable – (more lies) that we didn’t need a person babysitting it anymore.  The real truth is that it didn’t develop into an issue like diversity that a company could be blackmailed into payment or bad PR due to non-compliance.  It just went away as did the psuedo committment to global warming by my employer.

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