My quest to switch my Blog

Part of my title says that I’ll blog about my escapades of trying to be a blogger. Here is one of those blogs.

Due to a number of reasons, I’m now on a quest to move my blog to WordPress. Here are a couple of those reasons:

1. I got complaints about Blogger’s comment ability by analysts.
2. It’s time for me to grow up as a blogger and go to a hosted account.
3. Having a blogger domain is sort of like an aol email.
4. Blogger is offline too much lately.
5. Many blogged a long time ago that you weren’t real unless you were hosted and not on a free account, have tags, trackbacks, etc. I agree with her on this.

I spoke to my RedMonk buddies and they gave me options. I went for WordPress hosted for my by 1and1. My first step was to get an account which I did today, it will be, still Delusions of Adequacy. Public thanks to Steve O’Grady for helping with the process on how to do it different ways and why hosting it was the right thing to do.

I’m blogging this to put the pressure on me to get it done and convert. Yes, I was getting comfortable with the limitations of Blogger, but we all have to grow up sometime. Keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “My quest to switch my Blog

  1. Good luck with it – I moved over a while back and no regrets. Additional benefits include “pages”, so the blog and the site can merge seamlessly. Still got to find a nicer 3-column colour scheme template however – I did try to roll my own but all hell broke loose!




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