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Why Delusions of Adequacy

August 12, 2005

Because with all the content out in the blogosphere, I’m not out to get or will ever be qualified for a pulizter. I’m going to put the things that interest me and products I work with and hope for the best.

While I don’t subscribe to his political beliefs, I do credit Joe Trippi for the name.

He was out there and dug into blogging and made it a part of his job. Guess what, that’s what I’m trying to do. Wish me luck.

With this, I become the first official blogger for IBM.  I’ve been asked by the V.P. of Analyst Relations to set up a program for the company as well as policies related to this new practice.  I hope to set a trend.

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  1. Good Luck John! Ideology doesn’t matter nearly as much as the conversation and exchange of ideas does.

    Joe Trippi


  2. Hi John,

    I’ve added you to our Blogroll on htpp://, would be great if you could reciprocate 🙂

    Keep up the blogging!


    • deladequacy permalink

      I now see what has happened on the cross posting. I crossed you with my other blog, I’ll put you on the the blogroll on this one during transition.


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