On Acquiring Knowledge, Or Being Stupid On The Internet by Claude Bernard

“Mediocre men often have the most acquired knowledge.”

I’ve noticed how smart people are when they have a phone to look up the answer to anything, without learning how to do something. I’m not advocating a life of mistakes to learn, but most of us learn more by having to re-do something than breezing through it.

I also noticed that the most insane arguments on the Internet are by those partially informed, yet willing to show their ignorance or lack of IQ in public. As usual, it is most often done in the cesspool that is Twitter or Facebook.

Please stop it so the rest of us can enjoy it again.

Great Sayings – Things I’d Wished I’d Thought of After the Fact

L’esprit de L’escalier – things you wish you could have said after you leave an argument.


That’s me.  I win all my arguments, unfortunately many of them the day after they take place.  My response is usually spectacular.  I just wish I’d thought of it at the time.