Celebtards On Covid-19

I know Howard, Jimmy and the rest are under educated narcissists. Gene Simmons is pretty smart an on the mark on most things. He blew it on this one.

They are paid to act, sing and entertain. Nowhere in that statement is anything to educate us on anything about politics, history, constitution and anything other than what they do for a living.


2 thoughts on “Celebtards On Covid-19

  1. Exactly right… in my humble opinion they are overpaid just like many athletes. I am saddened that military, firefighters, police get paid less for doing dangerous work & someone chasing a ball, hitting a ball etc gets paid so much… my humble opinion. Can you tell I’m not a sports enthusiast? Lol.


  2. They are all idiots. If the unvaccinated are to be shunned from society, they should not pay the taxes to benefit the society they are being shunned from. As howie says, fuck ’em. And screw yourself, ahnold.


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