Hell Explained by an Engineering Student

So this one has been around, but funny is funny, plus my dad was an engineer. The following is a question given on a Thermodynamics exam: Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle’s Law (gas cools when it expands … Continue reading “Hell Explained by an Engineering Student”

Pfizer Ex-Employees Call Vaccine a Bio-Weapon, To Connect Humans to The Internet – Is This The Incarnation of Lawnmower Man?

Before I get to the crux of this discussion, let me ask the question of why are the powers that be (TPTB) putting so much emphasis on being inoculated? There are well documented less invasive cures for Covid readily available. It is beyond belief that instead of curing us instead are forcing the vaccine story … Continue reading “Pfizer Ex-Employees Call Vaccine a Bio-Weapon, To Connect Humans to The Internet – Is This The Incarnation of Lawnmower Man?”

I Love Student’s Creative Answers In Biology Class and Boobs

I posted Hell explained by an engineering student that was so creative the teacher gave him a top score. I still laugh at that one (right Teresa?)? Now, there is this one on Mother’s milk. It’s almost as creative and funny as the engineer. The teacher has a sense of humor. I have no idea … Continue reading “I Love Student’s Creative Answers In Biology Class and Boobs”

Secret Docs Reveal Moderna Sent Coronavirus Vaccine To University of North Carolina Weeks Before Pandemic

Why are facts like this surfacing now: A confidentiality agreement shows potential coronavirus vaccine candidates were transferred from Moderna to the University of North Carolina in 2019, nineteen days prior to the official emergence of Covid-19 pandemic. इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़ें – महामारी के एक हफ्ते पहले मॉडर्ना ने उत्तरी कैरोलिना विश्वविद्यालय में … Continue reading “Secret Docs Reveal Moderna Sent Coronavirus Vaccine To University of North Carolina Weeks Before Pandemic”

The Cassette Tape Inventor Died

Lou Ottens, the former Philips engineer who gave the world its first compact cassette tape, has passed away. According to Dutch news outlet NRC Handelsblad, Ottens was 94 when he died on March 6th. Ottens started work on the cassette tape in the early 1960s. The way NPR tells the story, he wanted to develop … Continue reading “The Cassette Tape Inventor Died”

More On China, Gene Editing and Creating The Planet Of the Apes

I recently posted that China could be creating a Master Race of Super Soldiers. There was a lot to digest, so I am posting the next portion of that discussion. How Much Progress Have They Made? Did Anyone Watch The Planet Of The Apes? Bing Su, a Chinese geneticist at the state-run Kunming Institute of … Continue reading “More On China, Gene Editing and Creating The Planet Of the Apes”

Is China Creating A Master Race Of Super Soldiers?

Didn’t anyone watch The Wrath Of Khan? Don’t we already know that trying to engineer a master race always goes wrong. Isn’t Russia kicked out of world competition? Do we even have a James T. Kirk who can defeat a superior enemy? Gene Editing Through Crisper-Cas We are witnessing the manipulation of DNA through eRNA … Continue reading “Is China Creating A Master Race Of Super Soldiers?”

What It’s Like To Have An Extremely High IQ?

Editors note:  Since I published this, the comments have been coming in and are now far better than the blog post.  I encourage you to read about the lives and struggles of those who have high IQ.  Their stories are quite revealing.-> It’s in the comments, hint, hint, hint. Authors disclosure: I won’t disclose where … Continue reading “What It’s Like To Have An Extremely High IQ?”

What Are The Top 10 Things You Should Be Informed Of In Life

Again, these are not my answers, but are an interesting read on people.  It will offend some, but God is number one for me.  The rest of the lists below should offend someone or many. 1. Human psychology. It’s a young field, and no one has all the answers yet. But you can get a … Continue reading “What Are The Top 10 Things You Should Be Informed Of In Life”

Murphy’s Technology Laws

I don’t really know if they are from Murphy, but you get the point. Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence. Whenever a system becomes completely defined, some damn fool discovers something which either abolishes the system or expands it beyond recognition. Technology is dominated by those who manage … Continue reading “Murphy’s Technology Laws”

Scientific Jokes or Jokes by Those In Science

Scientists tell us their favourite jokes: ‘An electron and a positron walked into a bar…’ Science is a very serious business, so what tickles a rational mind? In a not very scientific experiment, we asked a sample of great minds for their favourite jokes Statisticians: not totally reliable. Physics ■ Two theoretical physicists are lost … Continue reading “Scientific Jokes or Jokes by Those In Science”

The Next Financial Crisis Worse than 2008? Which Politician Will Expose it?

I have always been warned of the great wealth transfer from the middle and lower class to the wealthiest.  I first thought it would be through the devaluation, then revaluation of gold, but I didn’t realize that it was engineered through Washington programs, financial crisis, stock compensation and accounting tricks. I have been reading and … Continue reading “The Next Financial Crisis Worse than 2008? Which Politician Will Expose it?”

Stupid Things Smart People Do

Once again, here is a smattering of what the internet says.  I observed some of this behavior at the IT companies I worked for.  Many of them were brilliant on the IQ scale, but couldn’t find their way out of the social (real not web) wet paper bag. I found most of this on the … Continue reading “Stupid Things Smart People Do”

What is it Like to Have a Photographic Memory?

Below are the discussions of people who have a photographic memory including both pros and cons.  I’ve met some (none below) in my life. They were great at taking tests and can be valuable in some situations, like people with a high IQ they have weaknesses in other situations (when they rely on the memory … Continue reading “What is it Like to Have a Photographic Memory?”

Omaha Beach June 6 1944 – The Longest Day

Anniversary of D-Day b the Army On D-Day, 6 June 1944, the Allied nations landed around 156,000 troops on the Normandy coastline. The American forces landed numbered 73,000: 23,250 on Utah Beach, 34,250 on Omaha Beach, and 15,500 airborne troops. In the British and Canadian sector, 83,115 troops were landed (61,715 of them British): 24,970 … Continue reading “Omaha Beach June 6 1944 – The Longest Day”

World Record Parachute Jump By Felix Baumgartner, A Round Up Of Coverage and Issues

Here is the video of the jump above. Here is the video from his chest camera: Here is a view of all angles of the jump: http://gizmodo.com/watch-felix-baumgartners-space-jump-from-every-angle-i-1445173582?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+gizmodo%2Ffull+%28Gizmodo%29&utm_content=Bloglines On October the 9th, Felix Baumgartner will jump from the edge of space at 120,000 feet, breaking the speed of sound as well as all the records for … Continue reading “World Record Parachute Jump By Felix Baumgartner, A Round Up Of Coverage and Issues”

Keynesian Policies Keep Failing

It’s not that the Keynesians aren’t smart, nor poorly educated, nor bad economists (at least they studied it to make their economic position), rather it is that they are not students of history.  I may have to argue that they are bad economists later though as it has yet to work and is failing again. … Continue reading “Keynesian Policies Keep Failing”

WORKING WITH THE COMPETITION ON A JOINT ANNOUNCEMENT – What went on behind the scenes with Microsoft, IBM and Intel

I wrote a while back about doing a joint announcement with a competitor.  Communications wise, it was from the standpoint of Analyst Relations.  Since I also did Public Relations for many years, I had the opportunity to lead an announcement with Microsoft and Intel. CODE NAME FIRESTORM Recently I came across a press release that … Continue reading “WORKING WITH THE COMPETITION ON A JOINT ANNOUNCEMENT – What went on behind the scenes with Microsoft, IBM and Intel”

Facebore – The Facebook IPO Dissapointment

UPDATE: This article best sums it up….If there was any doubt that Wall Street is a sucker’s game designed to take money from stupid people and put it into the hands of bankers and powerful corporations, Facebook’s initial public offering should clear that up. Well, the facts speak for themselves.  What was supposed to be … Continue reading “Facebore – The Facebook IPO Dissapointment”

Facebook Overnight Millionaires and Employee Turnover

Update: As predicted, the brain drain has begun with executives leaving and others questioning Zuckerberg’s leadership ability. As we all know, Facebook will go public in a huge IPO.  This will create many mega-millionaires overnight who work there. I wonder what the drain in human intellectual property will be when they don’t have to work … Continue reading “Facebook Overnight Millionaires and Employee Turnover”

Why I Bought an iPhone Vs. Any Google Device

It took me this long to finally buy an iPhone.  I waited until the right carrier had it (AT&T is a diversity nightmare), then my current provider didn’t have international covered because of CDMA.  So when that all came online, I then had to wait for an upgrade time so that I wouldn’t pay an … Continue reading “Why I Bought an iPhone Vs. Any Google Device”

Interviewing, What Not to Say

As I face the end of this phase of my corporate career, I recall back on the many interviews I’ve had.  Some went well as I’ve had jobs, and certainly many did not as I didn’t get others. The strangest question I was ever asked was if you could choose whether to be on a … Continue reading “Interviewing, What Not to Say”

Caught in a Time Tunnel

I haven’t blogged much this week as a very interesting experience happened to me and a number of people across the US. I have mentioned that I worked the storage industry 15 years ago. It was a small company in Boca Raton that capitalized on the success of the IBM PC. The company was bought … Continue reading “Caught in a Time Tunnel”

Dave Liddell Bloggerview – The History and Inside of IBM SWG Analyst Relations

I’ve known this one was coming for a while and I didn’t really know how to properly state the opening, there was too much to say. Dave started Analyst Relations in Software Group, then honed it to one if not the best group there is. I haven’t done a bloggerview about someone I’ve worked for … Continue reading “Dave Liddell Bloggerview – The History and Inside of IBM SWG Analyst Relations”

What it took to get to RSDC

The actual planning for the event started at the end of last year’s RSDC, getting a location, estimating the crowd, logistical things on getting a show site and such. The Audience For us in the communications world, we started in earnest around the PartnerWorld timeframe. There are many audiences at a customer event like this … Continue reading “What it took to get to RSDC”

IBM Executives – Who are we? Rod Smith VP of Emerging Technology, SWG.

Today, I’m once again very privileged to speak to another of the leading technologist’s at IBM. As with all these bloggerviews, I try to look at the person and their background rather than just a bits and bytes conversation. I trust you’ll find Rod to be as interesting and enjoyable to read about as I … Continue reading “IBM Executives – Who are we? Rod Smith VP of Emerging Technology, SWG.”

IBM Bloggers, Who are we? – Jeff Jonas

A little while back, I asked the question, who would you like to see in the next bloggerview? Stefanie Sirc, one of my first ever bloggerview’s suggested today’s interviewee as one of the fascinating people she works with. Jeff as you’ll find out is like many of the recent bloggerviews, one of the really smart … Continue reading “IBM Bloggers, Who are we? – Jeff Jonas”

IBM Bloggers, Who are we – Grady Booch

As always, I really like doing these bloggerviews, this one especially. A lot of it is because I get to talk to some of the smartest people at IBM and in this case, the industry. For as much as he’s done, Grady has the right to enjoy celebrity status being an IBM fellow and a … Continue reading “IBM Bloggers, Who are we – Grady Booch”

My inner Geek comes out, video podcasting and tech toys

I’ve always been a techie type. I used to build my own PC’s when you could actually save half the price by doing so, I have tech toys out the wazoo, I’m the only one that can use one of the two surround sound systems I have…and sometimes it erupts like it did this weekend. … Continue reading “My inner Geek comes out, video podcasting and tech toys”

IBM Analyst Relations, Who are we? – Tom Morrissey

JFK once stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. Today’s Bloggerview is with my teammate, Tom Morrissey. We work together on the cross brand initiatives, but have successfully solved analyst issues in Software Group for years. As you read through this, you see that … Continue reading “IBM Analyst Relations, Who are we? – Tom Morrissey”

Harriet Pearson – Head of Privacy and Blogging at IBM, today's Blog Interview

Today is a very special interview for me. Harriet heads up two critical areas for IBM, and it goes without saying that both are important and sensitive. These issues must be handled accurately and with dexterity. Harriet excels at her job, and you’ll read that she is very qualified to do so. As with each … Continue reading “Harriet Pearson – Head of Privacy and Blogging at IBM, today's Blog Interview”

IBM Bloggers, who are we? – Ed Brill

I’m especially excited today, as this interview with Ed Brill is the first (in what I hope is a series) about IBM bloggers. Ed was nice enough to help point out that my RSS feeds got messed up when I switched templates. He performed this act of kindness when he didn’t know me from the … Continue reading “IBM Bloggers, who are we? – Ed Brill”

IBM analyst relations, who are we? Jeff Jones

The interview today is going to be with Jeff Jones, from the Information Management or Data brand. Analyst relations has a wide range of skill and abilities, Jeff is on the expert side of subject content. Enjoy the read. What is your job title (and what does that really mean as far as your job)? … Continue reading “IBM analyst relations, who are we? Jeff Jones”