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What Are the Common Errors in #English Usage?

February 1, 2016

keyboard warrior

You probably make one of these mistakes either on purpose or unintentionally.

From A to Z, here is the list.

If anyone is perfect, I’d like to hear about it.

Here is a sample.

 alter alterior alternate / alternative altogether / all together altho, tho alumnus / alumni amature ambiguous / ambivalent ambivalent / indifferent American amongst / among amoral / immoral amount / number ampitheater an / and analogous ancestor and also and / or anecdote / antidote angel / angle anteclimax another words antihero anxious / eager any more any other number anyone / any one anytime anyways anywhere anywheres apart / a part apiece / a piece apostrophes appauled appose / oppose appraise / apprise apropos / appropriate Arab / Arabic / Arabian architected around / about arrant / errant arthuritis artic artisanal / artesian as as best as as far as as follow as less as possible as of yet as per as such as time progressed ascared ascent / assent ascribe / subscribe ashamed / a shame asocial aspect / respect assess assure / ensure / insure asterick astrology / astronomy aswell at all ATM machine athlete athiest attain / obtain attribute / contribute aural / oral auger / augur autobiography / biography avaidable avenge / revenge avocation / vocation away / a way awe, shucks awhile / a while ax axel / axle……the list goes on

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