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Why Is It So Hard To Be a Good #Writer or #Author? I Need Some Help!

December 4, 2015

Conclusion: Rather than building to a story climax in this blog post, I am starting with the issue at hand.  I need character development writing help.

It’s become very clear to me that there are few good or great writers.  Conversely,  there are a lot of mediocre to substandard ones.  Their success doesn’t necessarily correlate to their writing ability, although in most cases it does.

Like most people, I like to read good books.  I am a voracious reader and enjoy it.  I also was in written communications for most of the years in my professional career, but it was about IT related objects.  It is easy to write about emotionless things.  They solve a problem in a new or better way, or present a solution to a new issue.


I understand that the reason I like good books is the emotional connection to the characters.  I have felt it when pulling for the good guy or rooting against the bad guy.  I love it when the hero saves the day.  When he doesn’t, I feel the pain.  I’ve wanted the guy/girl to get the girl/guy, even if I have to wait for the build up at the end for an answer.  I love the tension that exists and many times I feel like I’m the character in the story.

I’ve noticed how the good writers can build the characters by describing their habits, how they dress, what they eat and details of their lives.  I haven’t figured out the equation for how to weave it into a story.

I also am wondering how the best authors can integrate A, B and C story lines into each other so easily and get them to arrive at the ending in a dramatic way.  It seems so easy when you read it, but difficult to conceive it.

I have a good concept for a science related thriller using genome technology currently being researched but not yet delivered, however I need help in the character department to make it a good story.

My question to the writers and authors out there is how do you make your characters interesting and how do you develop them?  When a protagonist spans multiple books, does the author know this in advance and plan it out in a story line?

I’ve come to realize that not everyone is cut out to be a good writer, but taking the journey to learn and craft it would be fun.

I appreciate any comments.







  1. Arjuna Krishna-Das permalink

    – Read books and articles like a coke addict consumes coke
    – Write every day, or as regularly as you can. First thing in the morning is the best time
    – Join a writers’ workshop and share your writing as you write it. Listen to feedback but don’t necessarily do what people tell you to do
    – Read your writing out to people and scribble corrections on your manuscript as you realise you need to change stuff
    – For full size books, plan out a structure, but be ready to change it as the novel takes on a life of its own
    – Base characters and situations on reality, then give them your own twist
    – Be ruthlessly sarcastic, critical and world-weary in your prose
    – Write a review of Angel’s Orchid:

    • John permalink

      Thanks for the advice. I’ll do it.

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