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Shenanigans Which Has Happened Since Obama Was Elected

November 9, 2012

FEMA is failing the people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

22 signs that Voter fraud was out of control and the Election was a sham.

The math of the turnout is very convicting, even to a 1st grader.

The Stock Market has lost 2 3%.

1.6 Million acres of shale oil land has been cut off from drilling.

Jobs are lost everywhere.

Big company layoffs like 4000 at Pepsi, 1500 at Energizer and many cutting employee hours to 29 so they are part time and not counted for Obamacare.

Entitlements to put America $211 TRILLION in the hole.

General Patreus has an affair and doesn’t have to testify in Benghazi Watergate trial.

Hillary now knew about Benghazi the whole time and kept quiet, almost to the point of traitorism.

A drone was shot at prior to the election and it was not reported.

Bi-partisan solving of the fiscal cliff and Taxmeggedon turn out to be a lie.

The economy is headed for a second depression.

Legal racial preferences juggernaut about to be released.

Report of food stamps at all time high delayed until after the election

Cold war veterans ignored despite promise during election to honor them

Non-union crews not allowed to help.  Power, water still off after 2 weeks.  So much for no red tape.  Oh, and supplies are being held up for those in need.

Poll worker sees Romney ballots changed, no votes in 59 precincts in Pennsylvania

In other words, everything to get elected was just that…words to get elected.  We get what we voted for.

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